Wave 2013


Data Collection Period:

April – November, 2013* (the main phase )

February – September, 2013 (supplementary phase): interviews with the respondents who (1) have been interviewed  in 1987/88 only, (2) were residing abroad, (3) were unavailable during the main phase of the survey.

* In exceptional cases interviews were conducted later as well

Data Collection Institution: Centre of Sociological Research at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

POLPAN 2013 comprises three panel samples and a renewal sample of young.

  • The first panel sample contains all 2008 POLPAN respondents who agreed to be re-contacted. The realized sample (n = 1244) comprises people aged 26-91 in 2013 (born between 1922 and 1987). RR (Response Rate) = 83%
  • The second panel sample contains respondents of at least one POLPAN wave fielded btw. 1988–2003, and who had dropped out either in 1993, 1998 or in 2003. The realized sample (n = 455) comprises people aged 36-93 years in 2013. RR = 50%.
  • The third panel sample includes 1988 respondents (2,422 people) who were part of the intended sample for POLPAN 1993, but who were not interviewed either in 1993, or in any subsequent POLPAN wave. We reached 584 of these people using at least one survey technique: postal survey or F2F interview (199 respondents took part only in the postal survey, 90 participated only in the F2F interview, and 295 took part in both surveys). RR = 42%.
  • The renewal sample covers young people aged 21 to 25 in 2013, i.e., born between 1988 and 1992. New respondents were selected from the PESEL register (The Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population), applying a simple random sampling method for selection. The realized sample = 497; RR = 69%.

RR=[INT/(N-NA-RD-NP)] *100 [%]


RR Response rate
INT Number of interviews
N Total sample size
NA Address not valid
RD Respondent deceased
NP Excluded from the population (living in the institution, emigrated)


The total number of  interviews completed is 2,780.
Mode of Data Collection: Mix-mode: (1) Pen and Paper Personal Interviews (PAPI) with standardized questionnaire, (2) mail questionnaire (when conducting a face-to-face interview was not possible).

In addition, the CATI method or email questionnaire were used in 17 cases, but ultimately this data was not included in the dataset.

POLPAN 2013: Histories of participation in the survey:

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