POLPAN – the longest ongoing social science panel study in Central and Eastern Europe – is focused on describing social structure and its change in Poland. It is conducted in five year waves beginning with 1988.

In 1988, the survey was conducted among a national sample representing Poland’s adult population (aged 21-65), with N = 5,817. In 1993, this sample was randomly reduced and 2,259 respondents took part in the study. Researchers tried to reach them in each of the consecutive five-year waves. To ensure an adequate age balance, additional subsamples involving young cohorts have been supplemented later. So far, 7 waves of the POLPAN study have been conducted.

Methodological information on the particular waves of the POLPAN study can be found below.

Wave 2018

Wave 2013

Wave 2008

Wave 2003

Wave 1998

Wave 1993

Wave 1988