On 11-12 June, the University of Oxford organized a Graduate Students’ conference “Post-1945 Poland: Modernities, Transformations and Evolving Identities”. The Research Group on Comparative Analysis of Social Inequality (IFiS PAN) held a separate panel “Transformation and the Social Changes” chaired by prof. Ann White from University College London.

The group presented two papers based on POLPAN data:

– Anna Baczko-Dombi “Studies on the Dynamics of Changes in the Polish Society Through the Past 25 Years on the Example of Polish Panel Survey POLPAN 1988–2013.”
– Ilona Wysmułek “Corruption during Transformations of Polish Society: Survey Data Analysis of Perceived Changes and their Determinants.”

The third paper entitled “What Does the Current Demographic Crisis Tell Us about Post-communist Poland? Transformations of the Social, the Economic and the Intimate” was presented by Anna Gromada.