Wave 1988


Period of Data Collection: November 1987 to January 1988
Data Collector: Department of Field Research [Zakład Realizacji Badań] at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Sampling Procedure: Random sample of people aged 21-65 sampled by the Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS), Warsaw from its own sampling frame which was a randomly stratified (according to region and rural-urban) sampled units (815) of voting areas (1986 CBOS sampling frame) in which households were selected. Information about people aged 12 or more living in these households were collected by CBOS interviewers. This was the sampling frame for sampling POLPAN1988 respondents: Issued names: 6,000 (main sample); issued names: 3,167 (reserve sample). Taking into consideration that the size of the place of living and its administrative status are highly correlated with the tendency to making use of respondents from reserve sample, in each of the voivodship in some of its places different size reserve sample was issued. The proportion of the reserve sample to the main sample was depending on the size of the place of living and its administrative status. In places were reaching respondent was difficult, proportion of reserve sample to main sample was higher than in places where it was easier. Respondents who did not agree to complete the interview stay members of substitution sample.
Total Number of Completed Interviews:  5,817
Mode of Data Collection: Pen and Paper Personal Interviews (PAPI) with standardized questionnaire