On January 14th Dr. Ireneusz Sadowski presented: ‘Changes in attitudes across the life cycle. Preliminary analysis of POLPAN data’.


In the sociological studies of change we may distinguish three distinct “clocks” measuring societal time – one for individuals, one for peer groups and one for society as a whole. Although they are obviously bonded together, they have separate sociological meanings as each of them is connected to somewhat different mechanisms of change. A cultural change, inscribed in a shift of attitudes over time, is a good example of such multifaceted phenomenon. In my presentation I’m going to discuss the evolution of attitudes over the life cycle, and therefore I will focus on the first of the three “clocks”, although – as it will be shown – in practice it’s extremely hard to discuss one without mentioning the others. I will address some of the basic theoretical and methodological issues emerging in this kind of studies (including recently proposed solutions) and show some preliminary results of the analyses conducted using the POLPAN data. As the presentation is based not on the concluded, but on the undergoing study, it will rise several important questions, not necessarily delivering clear answers.