On January 8th Dr. Michał Bojanowski presented: ‘Overview of Survey Methods Measuring Social Capital’.


Social capital is widely recognized as an important type of resource or resources relevant for individual goal attainment. In principle, social capital can be thought of as capturing certain aspects of individual position within wider social network of people possessing certain valuable social resources. Studies of social networks as such on a macro-sociological scale are associated with prohibitively high data collection costs (both financial and as a burden for a respondent).

The talk will provide an overview of data collection and measurement methods of social capital that are reasonable for a large scale social survey such as POLPAN. Advantages and limitations of reviewed methods will be discussed. Illustrations of empirical applications will be based on the literature and results from the recently conducted survey among residents of Warsaw. The main goal of the talk is to provide background and a starting point for discussion of possibilities of extending POLPAN questionnaire with social capital-related survey instruments.

Presentation (PDF)