On May 26th, during the POLPAN Seminar, Professor Kazimierz M. Slomczynski gave a lecture on ‘Dynamic Analyses of Panel Data’.


The problems of panel data modeling come from (1) panel data themselves, (2) modeling process, and (3) interpretation and presentation of the results.  Since all empirical data for the presentation are drawn from the Polish Panel Survey POLPAN 1988-2013, the wide and long forms of data are explained in detail.  Dynamic panel models in which a lagged dependent variable is treated as covering will be contrasted with fixed and random effects models. We show that in the fixed effect models there are unique attributes of individuals that are not the results of random variation and that do not vary across time. In random effect models there are unique, time constant attributes of individuals that are the results of random variation and do not correlate with the individual regressors. It is argued that presentation and interpretation of the results should include goodness-of-fit measures, parameter estimates with their standard errors, and test results.  These pieces of information should be presented in a standard tabular form and interpret substantively.