12th Conference of the European Sociological Association 2015 took place in Prague from Tuesday 25th August to Friday 28th August. Members of the POLPAN Team presented the following papers based on POLPAN data:

Katarzyna Andrejuk – From “their Union” to “our Europe”? Dynamics of attitudes towards the European Union in Poland
Anna Baczko-Dombi – From attitudes to mathematical exclusion. Emergence of educational inequalities.
Zbigniew Karpiński, Kinga Wysieńska – In and out of the labor market: A longitudinal analysis of the motherhood penalty and job interruptions
Anna Kiersztyn – Early Careers on a Segmented Labour Market: Who Can Escape the Precarity Trap?
Olena Oleksiyenko, Ilona Wysmulek – New Educational Inequalities or Changing Preferences? Structural diversification of foreign language proficiency in Poland (1993-2013)
Ilona Wysmułek, Anna Baczko-Dombi – Between Connections and Meritocracy: Dynamics of Public Opinion on Determinants of of Success in Poland (1988 -2013)